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Effectively managed construction information

In every project, the accessibility of information is key. The smoothness of communication between parties and ease of making changes is dependent on the accessibility of information, as is remaining within the budget and time frame. Does your current solution support you in the best way?

Your supporting additional services

Simplebim training

You will receive the maximum benefits from Simplebim when you have, together with your team, completed the training that contains practical examples.
For many years, we have conducted Simplebim training.

Setting up workflow

A correctly-timed and correct set up of BIM workflow not only fulfils the demands of the client but you also obtain real benefits.
You save 5-10% of management costs.

BIM coordination

We ensure during construction that with BIM coordination, all parties definitively strive towards a single aim.
You will obtain the service from experts with real construction experience.

Compiling an as-built model

We will take entire responsibility for compiling the as-built model, enabling effective communication between all parties. Competence from Estonia and the world is at your disposal.


We help set-up the programme according to your needs – from template creation to process automation.
As civil engineers, we know how to understand your requirements.

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How does BIM assist you?

Detailed information – always with you

3D digital models give you a complete overview of the project at every moment – starting with material choices to time goals. View the virtual project plan, even on the construction site, using modern virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) solutions.

Reduce time and material expenses

The model allows for calculating the exact quantity and dimensions of materials. You avoid material loss and reduce construction waste. It also simplifies the planning of time, which helps optimise material storage and workflow.

Smooth communication, improved cooperation

The entire communication between you, the client, designer, and supervisor is gathered into one place. All parties are fully informed about changes and agreements. This speeds up decision-making processes and the entire workflow.

Model using tool

Simplebim is a powerful software that can be used by all parties to view, edit, and manage construction information. The right information is always available – at the right time, in command of the right person!

Simplebim annual single license
€960 + VAT

Simplebim annual network license
€1500 + VAT

Other payment options are also available!

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Model-based communication tool

The BCF Manager software makes communication between different parties efficient.

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Port of Tallinn, Terminal-D, BIM as-built model creation (ongoing project).

Client: Nordecon AS

End Client: Port of Tallinn AS

Country: Estonia

Estimation and BIM department training on “Information takeoff from IFC model with Simplebim®”.

Client: Nordecon AS

Country: Estonia

Production of a series of video lectures named „BIM course for skilled workers“

Client: TalTech

Country: Estonia

BIM management and as-built model coordination of Maleva 18 residential building.

Client: Nordlin Ehitus OÜ

End client: Tallinna Linnavaraamet

Country: Estonia