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Your job depends on the information you exchange with architects, your client, and the builder. You are spared misunderstandings and achieve significant time savings if you transfer communication to an environment accessible by all parties.

Your supporting additional services

Setting up workflow

We help set-up programmes according to your needs. Template creation, exporting settings, automation, etc.

BIM coordination

You receive advice from experts, instead of having to experiment with the system yourself. The experts help implement efficient and beneficial BIM processes in your company.

Simplebim training

You will receive maximum benefits from Simplebim when you have, together with your team, completed the training that contains practical examples.

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How does BIM assist you?

Thorough overview

The 3D models, rich in information, give a complete overview of the project while also visualising it more clearly. The model of existing structures/buildings, created based on point clouds, gives the right spatial feeling so that important construction information is obtained without the need for a site visit.

Faster workflow

The entire project’s documentation, regulations, and safety requirements are collected together. You, your client and the builder have access to the information, which significantly speeds up decision-making processes and communication. You also save money by saving time.

Fewer mistakes

All communication concerning the project takes place in one place and is precise. Communication based on model coordinates eliminates all possibilities for misunderstandings, in contrast to phone calls and e-mails, in which some details might go missing.

Model-based communication tool

The BCF Manager software makes communication between different parties efficient.

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Model using tool

Simplebim is a powerful software that gives you complete control over the IFC model. The right information is always available – at the right time and in command of the right person!

Simplebim annual single license
€800 + VAT

Simplebim annual network license
€1250 + VAT

Other payment options are also available!

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ProdLib – for FREE!

Are you already using ProdLib, one of the largest Nordic countries’ product catalogues with a large selection of 2D and 3D details directly from producers?

  • Parametrical BIM objects directly from the source
  • Always up to date product and material information
  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Compatible with many design software programs

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Kentmanni 28 business and residential building BIM coordination.(ongoing project)


Country: Estonia

Design phase BIM coordination of Kiikri 6 apartment building.

Partner: 3D Lab OÜ

Client: Metro Capital OÜ

Country: Estonia

Design phase BIM coordination of Merivälja tee 33 business building.


Country: Estonia

The expertise of BIM models of the building projects and RKAS BIM compliance control of Pärnu mnt 59 school building.

Client: P.P. Projekt OÜ

End client: Riigi Kinnisvara AS

Country: Estonia

Raekoja plats 12 solar analysis

Partner: 3D Lab OÜ

Client: Tartu city ​​government

BIM construction management and as-built model creation of Old Port cruise terminal

Client: YIT Estonia AS

End Client: Port of Tallinn AS

Country: Estonia