For developers

New generation real estate sales

A successful developer is capable of selling real estate before the ground is broken. 3D pictures made by the developer usually support sales. However, you can be a step ahead by giving the client the lead and letting them be convinced on their own.

GBuilder – let the buyer decide

GBuilder is a home configurator, which creates a digital-ready solution of the offered real estate. The furnishings of the apartment are visualised using 3D, virtual, and augmented reality.

The GBuilder will also save the entire communication between the client, developer, and builder. The web-based user interface can be adapted to one’s own desires and given the image of one’s own brand.

Functions that benefit everyone

Large database of materialsCreate your own databases or use existing ones, which contain thousands of products.A wide selection of materials and products from which even the most demanding buyer will find the suitable one.
The buyer makes the choice themselfYou are spared time-consuming calls and meetings with the buyer and builder.Creates the possibility to prefer exclusive solutions to normal materials.
The cost is known instantlyYou are spared later misunderstandings when the client has made a more expensive choice.Good for planning a budget as there is a good overview of the costs at all times.
The entire information is forwarded directly to the builderThe buyer’s orders are always clear, as they need no mediation.Immediate information and overview of whether the preferred solution is feasible or not.

Good to know!

A nice visual encourages extra sales – the buyer has the possibility to select more expensive and effective solutions. TULITEC provides a complete solution for the GBuilder – programme configuration, user training, consultations, and 24/7 support.

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